multi-speed vibrations add some extra oomph

The future of sex toys is here, and it's charging in a Starbucks near you!Introducing the brand new my blog Flash USB Rechargeable Mini Vibrator 26.99. Sleek, petite and discreet, this powerful mini vibrator is whisper-quiet and looks uncannily like a memory stick, making it arguably the most discreet pleasure product on the market.

Unlike many other USB chargeable vibrators, the intimate stimulating tip of the Flash is removed during charging and can be kept somewhere clean and safe whilst the motor is charged via a computer or USB mains charger in a much less 'obvious' charging method.Take a look at a Flash we plugged into a my blog Mac earlier today (pictured, left). Now imagine it's plugged into a commuter's laptop as they take the crowded morning train to work, or as they complete a report in a busy cafe.

Would you have any idea that this tiny black rectangle holds within its powerful motor three hours' worth of intense orgasm potential?Neither would we!We know from experience that bullet vibrators are best-sellers, as they're small enough to carry with you wherever yo.

ng, multi-speed vibrations add some extra oomph. The Slimline G can be used clitorally as well, and its length is ideal for reaching the clit during a variety of positions.Jimmyjane Afterglow Candle, GingersnapThis candle will get you into the holiday spirit and the sexy spirit at the same time.

Jimmyjanes Afterglow Candles are known for smelling absolutely amazing, but thats not all ?the wax doubles as a massage oil! The rim of the candle is shaped perfectly for pouring the warm oil onto the skin. One gingersnap massage, coming right up!The Cookie Sutra, Adult Mad Libs, and?SextrologyIt was hard for us to choose just a few book-type items to recommend, but we narrowed it down to three.?The Cookie Sutra?is full of photographs of gingerbread cookies going at it what else do you need to know? Adult Mad Libs?are always a riot, and theres even a festive Santa Baby version for your fill-in-the-blank amusement. Sextrology?features entertaining examinations of the zodiacs 24 gender signs; the authors even compare the compatibility of specific couplings. How fun!Flexi FelixFlexi Felix is a superb set of 100% silicone anal beads which are a ton of fun all on their own. But look at that face!

Cant you imagine this little fellow peeking out of a stocking? And the look on your partners face as the beads are revealed one by one? It would be an adorable sign of things to come.Olivias Lucky Ladies Playing CardsIf you know any card game fiends, we recommend this sexy deck of official regulation-size playing cards.

These cards feature 52 different paintings of the irreplaceable Bettie Page. Feast your eyes on Bettie Page posing in a variety of alluring outfits and positions then, try to get your head back in the game!Silky Tie-UpsThe?possibilities?are endless with this luxurious yet affordable pair of 5-foot, 100% polyester sashes. Tie one around your lovers head to blindfo.

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The ring is stretchy and comfortable for maximum satisfaction

Drumroll, please... after years of being asked for them, we can finally offer you my Gift Vouchers to send to a loved one.You can purchase a voucher worth anything from 10 to 500, and have it delivered instantly by email to the lucky recipient.Everything is previewable, so you can fiddle with how the gift vouch.

colored ball gag from Aslan Leather may look sweet and innocent, but its really a heavy-duty bondage implement. The leather strap features a snap-out safety design with a sturdy buckle closure, and the ball is 100% silicone, ensuring that it is entirely flavorless.Love is ArtEveryone hopes to to have a memorable Valentines Day, but with the Love is Art kit, youll definitely never forget because the proof will be on your wall!

Thats right: this kit includes everything you need to create a permanent piece of artwork from you and your partners body movements. Pour the non-toxic, washable black paint on the large white cotton canvas, then let your bodies do the painting. This kit leaves no stone unturned: it also comes with a big plastic sheet, two pairs of disposable slippers, and a body scrubber for the shower.Seal it with a KissAn entire book on kissing? Oh yes! There is much to be learned about the art of kissing, and Violet Blue tackles the subject with honesty and sass, not to mention tons and tons of tips, from the overarching (how to hint at a kiss with your body language) to the smallest of details (how to keep lipstick from smudging).

No matter how much kissing youve done, youll learn something new and be inspired to put your knowledge into practice.Double Heart SlapperMaking a lasting impression on your lover with this heart-patterned paddle. This sturdy, double-layered slapper is split down the center, creating a magnificent slapping sound and feel. Perfect for a light bit of fun or to ensure that your playmate will feel the aftermath of Valentines Day on February 15th.Double Decker Love RingThere is probably no cock ring in existence that has more Valentines Day spirit than the Double Decker Love Ring.

Bright red and adorned with raised hearts, the Double Decker has two powerful bullets for stimulation of both partners at once. The bullets each have three speeds and can be controlled independently. The ring is stretchy and comfortable for maximum satisfaction.ON Clitoral Arousal BalmNeed to jump-start the.

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I remember the very first time I had sex and how nervous I was.

In Cali, Colombia, a woman may only have sex with her husband, and the first time this happens her mother must be in the room to witness the act.Talk about awkward! I remember the very first time I had sex and how nervous I was.

I just felt that he had high expectations from me and just hoped that I would be good enough for him. I was so tempted to down a bottle of cider beforehand to give me a little bit of Dutch courage but I changed my mind at the last minute. He put me at ease and eventually he started to touch me in places I’d never been touched before and I remember wanting him so much that I practically jumped on him. Needless to say it was a very memorable first time and we went on to .

ng for her hostess, who appears to be drunk and asleep instead of where she should be right now," he replied.His face was full of rage. I had let him down and showed him up. Hell, it hadnt even been his idea; it had been mine. Suddenly I remembered why I had organised this little soiree in the first place. I stood up and pushed past Jake heading towards the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. I didnt look too bad. Just a little touch up of make up and a hair fix and I would be ready to goI stuck my head around the door and told Jake to go downstairs and tell our guest that I would be down shortly.Ten minutes later I found myself downstairs, face to face with the girl who was darkening my thoughts about Jake."Trixie, Im so glad that you could make it," i declared giving her a quick hug before ushering her in the direction of the kitchen. I looked over my shoulder as I did so and didnt fail to notice the glare that Jake threw me. Maybe this was how it was meant to pan out. Maybe he was supposed to be mad at me and turn to Trixie for sympathy.Surprisingly though the evening was al.

asked if i was ok. I whispered a yes and bravely opened the door. I was so unsteady on my legs that I fell into his arms. Yes thats how it really happened. That was when he kissed me. His tongue found mine as they wrestked with each other, exploring each others mouths. I didnt want this to end, but he pulled away and kissed me on the forehead. Then he took me by the hand and led me back towards the settee and lay me down. He asked if it was ok and started to unbutton my dress. Oh how I wanted him right now, I wouldnt have cared if he had ripped it off my back.

I arched my back, wanting him as he teased and played with my body in ways I had never imagined.I slipped off his shirt, kissed his chest and started to undo his belt. He put his hand on top of mine as if to say no, then picked me up and carried me upstairs. I pointed to the bedroom and he lay me on the bed, took off his trousers and made love to me over and over. Im sure we must have got ourselves into quite a few new positions that I would never have thought of trying before.

He was amazing in bed and was so attentive. I couldnt get enough of this guy and our lovemaking went on until the early hours of the morning. We eventually fell to sleep but this morning I was woken with his kiss. That was all I needed to throw him on his back and ride him until we both came together. Yes it can actually happen, believe me!As I am writing this, Jake is still asleep in my bed. He is sleeping like a baby and it would be very rude not to join him.

So as much as I would love to stay and talk to you I really do hear my bed calling me hehe!!!Hope your day was as productive as mine xxUntil tomorrow have fun and take care xxMuch Love LilyBee xxxIf you are interested in trying out this product yourself, I have added the link below for your convenience xx happy shopping.

As promised here is my review on the sex toy I tried out last night

As promised here is my review on the sex toy I tried out last night.The Ultrastud Soft Mount is a 8" pink vibrator and because of its mount you can stick it on the wall or to most surfaces for the ride of your lifetime. I stuck mine onto the tiles in the bathroom and positioned it so it was the right height for my body. I gently slid onto it and the cool sensation of the jelly made me go ooooh ahhhh as soon as the vibrations k.

have been dosed up with honey and lemon and sleeping most of the time. Jake brought me some day and night nurse so Im just about to ta.

arguments from him haha!!!I will let you all know how that goes tomorrow guys but for now I am just heading to the bathroom for a nice long soak in the bath.I hope you have a great night x Till tomorrow have fun and stay safe xMuch Love LilyBee xxx.


Friends and I would love it if you and your partner could come

In 2005, a couple in Britain broke the world's longest unbroken kiss. They were lip-locked for a staggering 31 hours, 30 minutes and 30 seconds. However on February 14th this year ie: Valentines Day the record was broken buy a Thai couple who locked their lips for an amazing 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds. Phew!!!Now I absolutely love kissing bu.

riends and I would love it if you and your partner could come."There was no way that I could turn her down otherwise she would know that i really have been avoiding her. "Thank you Mrs Green that would be lovely," i lied once again. "i will speak to Jake this evening and what time would you like us there?" "About 7 would be sufficient," she smiled through her dirty yellow teeth. "Its a date then!" Luckily she didnt hang around once she had her answer and said her goodbyes starting to walk back home.

I opened the car door when i heard a small voice. "I will look forward to that Lily and hope that you dont let me down." There was something in her voice that sent a chill down my spine. "We will be there Mrs Green," i shouted. She smiled once more and waved. I got in my car quickly and started the engine. Wow that woman really freaked me out!!!!I returned home and found Jake in the kitchen preparing a sandwich to my surprise. "Wow what a lovely surprise," i said to him wrapping my arms around his waist and kissing him. "Well there was something i forgot to give you," he said walk.

ou know mums....they put it all into perspective.You see I know that Jake loves me, i can see it in his eyes, feel it in the way he holds me, but he has yet to say it. He is a man of few words and i think he prefers to say it by his actions; but sometimes actions dont speak louder than words. Sometimes us girls need to hear it!!!Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I could bloody well scream, I could. This is so frustrating.

Oh well there is nothing I can do until later tonight when i have spoken to my best friend; my mother.I am going to try and take my mind off it for a few hours now guys and have a big munch for tea. So I hope you all have a great night and sleep well x i just hope that i will too xxTill then take care xx i will hopefully make my decision tonight and any help would be greatly