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Introducing the new orgasmic Sqweeler inserts and the Sqweevee case that holds not only your Sqweel but your vibrator too for incredible new and exciting sensations. my blog's resident sex expert Annabelle Knight showcases these exciting new additions to the Sqweel range in this week's Sex Toys Tv Highlights.Get Free UK Delivery on.

she followed him excitedly to the exclusive area. He raised his hand to Freddie and motioned to his private bathroom. Cordy needed to let off some steam and with her full pouty lips she was the perfect receptacle.He shouldered open the door and dragged her into the muted depths of the toilets. The lighting was brighter than you would expect but the décor was plush. Marble sinks sat under ornate mirrors and the urinal was a wall of constantly flowing water. There was a bank of velvet chaise longue but Cordy leaned back against the dark leather wall and unzipped his flies. Grabbing the blondes head, he pushed her roughly down onto her knees, pulling her face into his groin.“I really like you,” she started to say but Cordy put his finger to her lips and shook his head.“I’m not in the mood for small talk babe,” he muttered, “just suck it.”

The blonde obediently pulled his erection out of his hipster shorts and applied her full puffy lips to its length. Her mouth was warm and soft and he leaned his head back against the wall feeling some of his tension disappear. He could see Freddie watching from the doorway, ensuring no-one came in. Freddie was his best guy and he trusted him with his life. He’d been working on him for months and Freddie sucked it all up like a sponge. Cordy grinned to himself. Humans were so easy to distract and lead into darkness. Money, champagne, a little bit of power and they were putty in your hands. Of course as the seventh prince of hell, Cordy had more than enough of all of that to go round.He turned his attention back to the blonde on the floor, pulling her hair to lift her head, holding it just far enough from him to fuck her mouth with long hard strokes. He heard her gag and slowed a little.

He didn’t want to be unpleasant, he needed them willing. Her fingers slipped underneath his cock, beautifully manicured nails grazing his balls, the red of her nails contrasting starkly against the pale skin of his groin. He pushed against her urging her onwards as her fingers found the sensitive spot between his ass and his cock.His concentration slipped momentarily as she slipped a finger up his ass and she pulled her mouth off his dick her lips smacking together. “Don’t you want to actually fuck me,” she pouted, “I’ve had my pussy tightened, it’s like a virgin’s.”Cordy laughed, shoving her back onto his cock and holding her hea.

Sex Toy News?my blog's bundle of toys will include our 5 best-sellers: my blog Jessica Rabbit 2.0 Rabbit Vibrator my blog Double Stroker Intense my blog Pin Ups Bombshell Balm my blog Double Ding Ding Vibrating Cock Ring my blog Powerful Pocket Vibrator.

Designed to last the course, most luxury vibrators are rechargeable sex toys

Spend a little more on a luxury vibrator and you'll find thebest features and highest quality materials. But why would you spend more, when you can get a similar toy so much cheaper? Are luxury sex toys worth the extra cost?This guide explains why luxury vibrators are a brilliant investment in your pleasure, explains the benefits of choosing a designer sex toy and why your decision to spend a little more will pay off for years to come.With a superior build quality andadvanced materials,high-end sex toysnot only feel great, but they're durable too.

Designed to last the course, most luxury vibrators are rechargeable cheap sex toys. Doing away with batteries means the toys are greener, you'll spend less on powering your toy (which offsets the initial investment) and you'll avoid the frustration of running out of batteries mid-session. To watch videos, you need Version 9 or greater of the Flash Player.Click here to see which Flash Version you have.If you have Version 8 or less, get the latest Flash Player here.You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. LELO Products featured: G-Ki by Je Joue Luxury G-Spot Vibrator (79.99)Should I Choose a Luxury Sex Toy?Creators of luxury sex toys invest heavily in research and are able to develop ergonomic shapes and innovative features, resulting in beautiful objects that are designed to leave you feeling fully indulged. Scroll through to discover some of their greatest benefits: Power and Convenience: Rechargeable Technology The vast majority of luxury sex toys are rechargeable from the mains, and some like the Lelo Mia 2 (39.99) can be charged via USB! With magnetic charger technology becoming widely adopted and advances in self-healing silicone, many modern sex toy.

across his features. “So what’s with all the secrecy then?”She lowered her lashes and Ryan’s heart thudded as his mind started to race through the possibilities. His gaze slid to the door. Suddenly he was convinced that the police were going to rush in at any minute, clap handcuffs on him and sling him in the back of a squad car.Her next words snapped him out of his thoughts. “Don’t look so worried. I’m a Catholic. Just not a very good one.”Ryan’s eyebrows almost shot into his hairline. That thought had certainly not occurred to him. He blinked, then recovered his senses enough to ask, “So, um, you’re here with your parents then?”“Oh God, no!” She covered her mouth with her hands. “Oops—I told you I wasn’t a very good Catholic. Taking the Lord’s name in vain in a cathedral, of all places.”They both laughed, before she continued, “No, I’m here with a church group. We’re staying at the female-only hostel on the High Street. The old fuddy-duddies in charge think that just because we’re not sleeping in the same building as any males that we’re perfectly safe from ‘corruption.’ They obviously don’t realize that there are so many more places to commit sins than in a bed.”“S-sins?”

Ryan had to practically force the word out. He was no stranger to getting up to no good in unusual places, but in a cathedral with a not-so-good Catholic girl? His cock strained against his jeans, clearly more up to speed than his brain, which struggled to process what she was saying.“Yes,” she replied, grabbing his arms and pushing him so his back was against the door. She licked her lips and raised an eyebrow. “Sins.”Ryan’s hard-on twitched. She stood on tiptoes and pressed a cherry-flavored kiss to his lips. The length of her body molded against his, and Ryan heard a light thump as she slid her shoulder bag off and let it fall to the floor.“So.” Her eyes glinted in the gloom as she crushed her small breasts harder against his chest, “how do you feel about corrupting a good Catholic girl?”Ryan gave his brain a veritable kick up the arse. He was pretty shell-shocked by her revelation, but if he fucked this up now he had no one to blame but himself. The girl was literally throwing herself at him. Her entire demeanor told Ryan that she was no angel, but that didn’t stop him wanting to do as she wanted, and corrupt her.He grinned at her, and rolled his hips. “What do you have in mind?” Not that it mattered. He had a condom in his wallet so he was prepared for any eventuality.It seemed, however, that that wasn’t what she had in mind, because instead of answering his question, she gave a positively wicked grin and slid to her knees in front of him. In a move that cemented Ryan’s belief that she wasn’t in need of any corruption, she flipped open his belt, undid his button and fly and maneuvered his cock out of his boxers.A hungry look crossed her face and she pumped his shaft in her tiny hand a couple of times before sinking her mouth onto his cock. It was hot, wet and eager. She licked and slurped enthusiastically at his glans until it was good and lubricated, before inching his length deeper inside.Ryan gasped and.

he habit’. Are there any longstanding anxieties, or feelings of resentment or rejection that you need to address? Or did things become so routine and predictable you both just got bored? If there’s still some unfinished business hanging around, this will undoubtedly affect your intimacy together, so make sure you resolve any possible grievances. And see if you can discuss what would bring some zest back into your lovemaking - to enable you to move on to a brighter future together. Good luck.Refreshingly frank and funny, actress and presenter Julie Peasgood delivers practical information to transform your sex life. The Greatest Guide to Sexexplores the world of eroticism, revealing secrets and techniques that will energise and enhance your enjoyment..

there were vocal supporters of the sheer wonder of the bodystocking:"I LOVE LELO"

Bodystockings. The great sexual divide of our nation. Whether you've tried them or not, you've probably got an opinion about whether bodystockings are sexy. And once you've fallen into the 'sexy' or 'not sexy' camp, you tend to stay there. But maybe they're worth a re-think?Unsure of our opinions and curious about what my blog customers really make of the slinky all-in-ones, Hella Rouge and I took to the my blog Forum to ask the burning question: Bodystockings - Are They Hot?. On the sexy side, there were vocal supporters of the sheer wonder of the bodystocking:"I LOVE LELO.


lovers and sexy images – and we’re sure that more women would purchase sexy magazines, were the mags of a better quality and with erotic images rather than full-frontal, well-shaved, designer-vaginal nudity. How do we know? Coz the women have been telling us for years! Filament magazine is doing what no other magazine has done thus far: showing males in various stages of undress, fondling their genitals for our pleasure. And – it has interesting articles and healthy cooking recipes! Hurrah!Many women, and get this, admit to enjoying looking at beautiful, naked women. We look coz it’s sexy, and we might even imagine a frolic with another lady, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we are about to come out as lesbians. It just means we are having perfectly normal fantasies. (And talking about lesbians – this book is strictly for the hetero community).

Jane Thomas, by her writing, comes across as out of touch with modern sexuality. Worryingly, the books Thomas lists at the back of her title are at least 8 years out of date, and many came out during the 90’s. Whilst we don’t disrespect the important and ground-breaking work carried out by Shere Hite (1976) or Alfred Kinsey (1953), the last few years have seen many excellent sex guides published. We even sell some of them! For her research, the author has spoken to ‘many women’ and people who claim to be ‘experts’ (she didn’t come see the Sh! Girlz though. Bit of an own goal, in our minds.) Amazingly, not all experts today agree that clitoral stimulation is required for female orgasm. The issue remains contentious because relatively few women understand that genital stimulation is required for a person to experience orgasm Er, not necessarily. Amazingly, 29% of women claim to have experienced?breast?orgasm … There may be some internal clenching going on simultaneously LELO vibrator, but orgasm can definitely happen without direct clitoral stimulation. How do we know? Ehrm… Let’s move on! Women who claim to reach orgasm from intercourse alone are mistaken & Vaginal intercourse for a woman feels like affectionate hugging… Again, we have much to say about those two comments. First of all, the figures speak for themselves: around 30% women do climax from intercourse; the clitoris is like an iceburg most of it is hidden inside erm hugging the vaginal canal its impossible to differentiate from where the pleasure originates just where it feels good!Now, internally of course the mighty G-spot comes into play. ?Agreed not everyone is convinced of the G-Spots?existence?( quite a lot of male doctors we note).

Again, from our experience?actually?talking to women, we believe it does exists, although we do concede that maybe not all women derive the same sensations from it. Vaginal intercourse feels like affectionate hugging? …or, a hot and sweaty exercise that gets your blood pumping and brings colour to your cheeks! *wink* Ms Thomas is pretty scathing of expert advice ; the following is copied straight off the Ways Women Orgasm website:Just to give a flavour, here are a few tips from the experts:*Don’t worry because orgasm is not that important;*Relax a bit more and stop concentrating on orgasm;*Try incorporating a fair amount of leg, abdominal, and buttock tension;*Rhythmically squeeze your pelvic floor muscles;*Breathe deeply or pant to get oxygen to those tensing muscles;*Arch your back or try a different position to maximise clitoral stimulation LELO;*Stimulate the lubricated clitor.

hemselves - or it could be that people just like the view that comes with a woman on top!Our next poll: 'Do you or your partner own a stroker?' is now live. Whatever your opinion is on strokers and sleeves we would love to hear from you!If you fancy commenting on the poll, visit the the forum thread 'Do you or your partner own a stroker?' to discuss.As always, a massive thank you goes to everyone who voted in our last poll.Do you agree with the majority? Leave a comment letting us know which is you favourite 69 position and why....

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Give yourself an orgasm overload with a Six Of The Best Sexy Gift Box!

Give yourself an orgasm overload with a Six Of The Best Sexy Gift Box!Included with each box are two G-spot vibrators; a Mantric Sienna Symphony 10 Function Silicone G-spot vibrator and a Tracey Cox Supersex Contour Body Curve Vibrator, a Vib.

After seeing a short film outlining Bendell's lingerie and lovestuff business, Widdecombe swiftly declined to present the award to her, leaving her standing until one of the organisers quickly stepped in."It was a real surprise to me that it happened at an event that was meant to celebrate the success of women. It certainly took the shine out .

ion, get a vibrator. Try different kinds until you get one that works for you. 7. It is fairly common for women to have difficult emotions coming up around sex. You need to address them and give them a voice in order to let them move on. You may need help from a counselor. 8. Women need very different things at the point of releasing the energy (which is what we usually call orgasm). It doesn’t matter how you label it, but if you are going for more of a clitoral orgasm (which is what most women want), you will probably need to tense your body to let it get to the point of release. A vaginal orgasm tends to arise more from a state of deep relaxation. Neither is necessarily dependent on a particular type of stimulation.9. There is no need to stop at the first orgasm; keep going until you feel satisfied. Your body may want to shake and quiver and jerk for a while (hours, perhaps) afterwards. Let it do what it wants without censorship. 10. Some women really don’t like touching the clitoral head, and it may not be necessary to do that in order to have an orgasm. But I would recommend trying it a few times at least. You may or may not want to have something inside your

Silicone Cock Rings are a great little pressie

There is no test case to cite in support of the legal mortality status of zombies, but as a zombie is capable of consent then the rules of necrophilia cannot apply to a zombie-human sexual relationship. There is likely to be debate as to whether zombie-human relationships classify as being interspecies relationships, but as zombies are considered to be humans suffering from an infection there are no such.

Silicone Cock Rings are a great little pressie for a fellah three differnt sizes of stretchy silicone rings, ideal for stengthening an erection. These cute rings are sleek and stylish, and can give a great squeeze to his equipment, boosting his sensations and giving him a great thrill!Thats our list of suggestions for cute stocking fillers watch this space for great couples presents tomorrow!

s the delicious smell will fill the room and get you both in the mood for some fun.The Lover's Choice Romance Massage Kit (11.99) has everything you need to get started: including oil, candles and a massage tool (to save your hands aching!).If you fancy something a bit different, combine soft lighting with a massage oil in the form of the Earthly Body Cherry Lickable Massage Candle (12.99). Light the wick and when the wax melts, the candle will turn into a warm liquid that can safely be poured on to the skin for a sweet-smelling massage.How to Give an EroticMassageNo matter what part of the body you are massaging, there are some simple techniques that apply almost everywhere. Be careful not to press too hard or cause any pain when you’re giving the massage and take time to check in with your partner to find out which parts they enjoy most.When massaging your lover, try to keep your bodies as close as possible and always maintain body contact. This will not only help you keep warm and stop your lover wondering "where did they go?" mid-massage, but it’ll also give you both a connection that really sparks your eroticism and romance.A massage book is a great way to learn the art of massage as it is clear and concise, but here are a couple of techniques to start you off:Initial TouchThe first few touches you make should be long, lingering and purposeful. FingertipsMassage doesn’t have to be intense and dee.

Christmas Cock RingThe Christmas cock ring is a firm favourite here at Sh! The Sh! Lurve Heart, a stretchy vibrating cock ring, is festively presented on a cute heart so it can be hung from the Christmas tree (if youre not expecting the in-laws over!) Alternatively, pop it under his pillow for a sexy surprise on Christmas morning!Climax Lubricant Kiss: PlumClimax Lubricant Kiss: Plum is a tasty flavoured lubricant, especially good for oral sex. Its water-based and condom safe, and presented in brightly coloured bottles stylish as well as sexy!Oooh! Silicone Cock RingsOooh! STOP PRESS: A large-scalescientific study has confirmed what the Sh! girlz have been telling ladiez for years lube not only makes for smoother and slicker sex, but its fun too!

Psychologically speaking, firm contact will reassure your partner and make them feel safe (think of how a strong handshake makes an impression on a business partner, and you’ve got the gist).Use this time to apply the massage oil or lotion to their body and get their skin warmed up. Your hands should be flat but your fingers should be relaxed, allowing them to splay and follow the natural contours of your partner’s body.

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the Tuyo has something for everyone!

my blog has been named Best Internet Retail Site at the Xcite Book Awards!The inaugral awards bythe UK's leading publisher or erotic fiction, SexToysBrand, wereset out to acknowledge and celebrate the best companies, bloggers, review.40488.jpg

ck-and-mortars, and our blurb goes like this:Evy Cowan and Jeneen Doumitt opened She Bop in 2009, allied to create a boutique specializing in non-toxic toys, female-friendly DVDs and gifts focused on sexuality. Recent events have included classes on “Full-Bodied Fellatio” and “Rough Sex for Beginners: Consent.

it for an elegant ornament. With eight speeds ranging from gentle to intense, and three pulsating settings, the Tuyo has something for everyone! Cupid 3 Didlo3. The Cupid 3 DildoLikely to be a regular in our Monday Favourites, the Cupid 3 dildo is one of Sh!s very own dildo designs, and currently the most popular dildo we make. With its smooth body of high-quality silicone, gentle curves, and trade-mark heart shaped base, the Cupid 3 is a gorgeous dildo to use on its own or with a strap-on harness. Its also available with a powerful buzzy bullet that slips into the base, turning a gorgeous dildo into a gorgeous vibrating dildo. So, those are the favourite goodies this Monday keep the orders coming.

Britain has gone silver ball crazy

Britain has gone silver ball crazy thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey but there are so many random names to describe them (jiggle balls, ben wa balls, kegel balls) that you may be finding it hard to figure them out.As well as providing pleasure, regular use of vaginal balls will help to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles over time which will make your vagina feel tighter, improve bladder control and best of all, bless you with more intense and longer lasting orgasms.

No wonder Ana Steele loves hers so much.Sizes, shapes, weights, materials and designs vary wildly and this guide will help you decide which kegel balls are right for you.To watch videos, you need Version 9 or greater of the Flash Player.Click here to see which Flash Version you have.If you have Version 8 or less, get the latest Flash Player here.You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser Kegel ExercisersKegel exercisers, also known as toner balls or duo balls, are designed as a health device. They do come in a wide range of sizes and weights, allowing women of all ages and shapes to enjoy their effects.Kegel exercisers are designed to tone up your pelvic floor, the muscles in and around your vagina. You can walk about wearing them but their major potential comes from accompanying exercises which involve squeezing y.

und at other bookstores. Their resource center?offers information on topics such as health and wellness, therapy and counseling, sexual and reproductive help, transgender issues, LGBTQ support and advocacy, birth and parenting, education, housing, activism and social change, and places to contact in crisis situations.In Other Words also supports local?artists, craftspeople, musicians, performers, and writers by providing a venue for events and a space for selling art.?They are one of.

o NoaLelo Luna Beads MiniFifty Shades of Grey Silver Pleasure BallsSpecial Edition Valentines Tenga EggLelo Smart WandFifty Shades of Grey Riding CropLush Pure LubricantSo there you have it, the best and the sexiest of an absolutely wonderful sex-toy filled year.
Click the pictures above to browse these BEST OF toys and maybe get some ideas for the rapidly approaching Valentines day! What were YOUR favourite toys of 2012? Let us know in the commentsLots of Love.

In Too Deep is a kinky sex story with a handful of love scenes throw in

We've always said our Bombshell Balm (mint, chocolate and cherry)is discreet enough to go unnoticed in a handbag.

d celebrates LGBTQ diversity through art, culture, and collaborative community programming.There are dozens of events and groups that meet here, some focused on specific topics (like coming out or gender identity) and others aimed at fun social interactions (like sing-along piano cabarets or craft nights). Entry to most of these is sliding-scale and run by dedicated volunteers, keeping Q Center truly community-driven and accessible.In addition to our programmatic offerings, our 5,000 sq/ft facilit.

to be fair.?The writing is hot, scorchingly so. If ‘50Shades’ is a love story with a number of kinky sex scenes thrown in, In Too Deep is a kinky sex story with a handful of love scenes throw in.

Page after page with wetness, achy nipples and hard, manly flesh to keep the reader titillated, and with (quite possibly) one hand in her damp knickers!In Too Deep comes highly recommended by the Sh! Girlz, and is available in our Hoxton store at the excellent value of £7.99..

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