Friends and I would love it if you and your partner could come

In 2005, a couple in Britain broke the world's longest unbroken kiss. They were lip-locked for a staggering 31 hours, 30 minutes and 30 seconds. However on February 14th this year ie: Valentines Day the record was broken buy a Thai couple who locked their lips for an amazing 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds. Phew!!!Now I absolutely love kissing bu.

riends and I would love it if you and your partner could come."There was no way that I could turn her down otherwise she would know that i really have been avoiding her. "Thank you Mrs Green that would be lovely," i lied once again. "i will speak to Jake this evening and what time would you like us there?" "About 7 would be sufficient," she smiled through her dirty yellow teeth. "Its a date then!" Luckily she didnt hang around once she had her answer and said her goodbyes starting to walk back home.

I opened the car door when i heard a small voice. "I will look forward to that Lily and hope that you dont let me down." There was something in her voice that sent a chill down my spine. "We will be there Mrs Green," i shouted. She smiled once more and waved. I got in my car quickly and started the engine. Wow that woman really freaked me out!!!!I returned home and found Jake in the kitchen preparing a sandwich to my surprise. "Wow what a lovely surprise," i said to him wrapping my arms around his waist and kissing him. "Well there was something i forgot to give you," he said walk.

ou know mums....they put it all into perspective.You see I know that Jake loves me, i can see it in his eyes, feel it in the way he holds me, but he has yet to say it. He is a man of few words and i think he prefers to say it by his actions; but sometimes actions dont speak louder than words. Sometimes us girls need to hear it!!!Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I could bloody well scream, I could. This is so frustrating.

Oh well there is nothing I can do until later tonight when i have spoken to my best friend; my mother.I am going to try and take my mind off it for a few hours now guys and have a big munch for tea. So I hope you all have a great night and sleep well x i just hope that i will too xxTill then take care xx i will hopefully make my decision tonight and any help would be greatly


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