there were vocal supporters of the sheer wonder of the bodystocking:"I LOVE LELO"

Bodystockings. The great sexual divide of our nation. Whether you've tried them or not, you've probably got an opinion about whether bodystockings are sexy. And once you've fallen into the 'sexy' or 'not sexy' camp, you tend to stay there. But maybe they're worth a re-think?Unsure of our opinions and curious about what my blog customers really make of the slinky all-in-ones, Hella Rouge and I took to the my blog Forum to ask the burning question: Bodystockings - Are They Hot?. On the sexy side, there were vocal supporters of the sheer wonder of the bodystocking:"I LOVE LELO.


lovers and sexy images – and we’re sure that more women would purchase sexy magazines, were the mags of a better quality and with erotic images rather than full-frontal, well-shaved, designer-vaginal nudity. How do we know? Coz the women have been telling us for years! Filament magazine is doing what no other magazine has done thus far: showing males in various stages of undress, fondling their genitals for our pleasure. And – it has interesting articles and healthy cooking recipes! Hurrah!Many women, and get this, admit to enjoying looking at beautiful, naked women. We look coz it’s sexy, and we might even imagine a frolic with another lady, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we are about to come out as lesbians. It just means we are having perfectly normal fantasies. (And talking about lesbians – this book is strictly for the hetero community).

Jane Thomas, by her writing, comes across as out of touch with modern sexuality. Worryingly, the books Thomas lists at the back of her title are at least 8 years out of date, and many came out during the 90’s. Whilst we don’t disrespect the important and ground-breaking work carried out by Shere Hite (1976) or Alfred Kinsey (1953), the last few years have seen many excellent sex guides published. We even sell some of them! For her research, the author has spoken to ‘many women’ and people who claim to be ‘experts’ (she didn’t come see the Sh! Girlz though. Bit of an own goal, in our minds.) Amazingly, not all experts today agree that clitoral stimulation is required for female orgasm. The issue remains contentious because relatively few women understand that genital stimulation is required for a person to experience orgasm Er, not necessarily. Amazingly, 29% of women claim to have experienced?breast?orgasm … There may be some internal clenching going on simultaneously LELO vibrator, but orgasm can definitely happen without direct clitoral stimulation. How do we know? Ehrm… Let’s move on! Women who claim to reach orgasm from intercourse alone are mistaken & Vaginal intercourse for a woman feels like affectionate hugging… Again, we have much to say about those two comments. First of all, the figures speak for themselves: around 30% women do climax from intercourse; the clitoris is like an iceburg most of it is hidden inside erm hugging the vaginal canal its impossible to differentiate from where the pleasure originates just where it feels good!Now, internally of course the mighty G-spot comes into play. ?Agreed not everyone is convinced of the G-Spots?existence?( quite a lot of male doctors we note).

Again, from our experience?actually?talking to women, we believe it does exists, although we do concede that maybe not all women derive the same sensations from it. Vaginal intercourse feels like affectionate hugging? …or, a hot and sweaty exercise that gets your blood pumping and brings colour to your cheeks! *wink* Ms Thomas is pretty scathing of expert advice ; the following is copied straight off the Ways Women Orgasm website:Just to give a flavour, here are a few tips from the experts:*Don’t worry because orgasm is not that important;*Relax a bit more and stop concentrating on orgasm;*Try incorporating a fair amount of leg, abdominal, and buttock tension;*Rhythmically squeeze your pelvic floor muscles;*Breathe deeply or pant to get oxygen to those tensing muscles;*Arch your back or try a different position to maximise clitoral stimulation LELO;*Stimulate the lubricated clitor.

hemselves - or it could be that people just like the view that comes with a woman on top!Our next poll: 'Do you or your partner own a stroker?' is now live. Whatever your opinion is on strokers and sleeves we would love to hear from you!If you fancy commenting on the poll, visit the the forum thread 'Do you or your partner own a stroker?' to discuss.As always, a massive thank you goes to everyone who voted in our last poll.Do you agree with the majority? Leave a comment letting us know which is you favourite 69 position and why....

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