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she followed him excitedly to the exclusive area. He raised his hand to Freddie and motioned to his private bathroom. Cordy needed to let off some steam and with her full pouty lips she was the perfect receptacle.He shouldered open the door and dragged her into the muted depths of the toilets. The lighting was brighter than you would expect but the décor was plush. Marble sinks sat under ornate mirrors and the urinal was a wall of constantly flowing water. There was a bank of velvet chaise longue but Cordy leaned back against the dark leather wall and unzipped his flies. Grabbing the blondes head, he pushed her roughly down onto her knees, pulling her face into his groin.“I really like you,” she started to say but Cordy put his finger to her lips and shook his head.“I’m not in the mood for small talk babe,” he muttered, “just suck it.”

The blonde obediently pulled his erection out of his hipster shorts and applied her full puffy lips to its length. Her mouth was warm and soft and he leaned his head back against the wall feeling some of his tension disappear. He could see Freddie watching from the doorway, ensuring no-one came in. Freddie was his best guy and he trusted him with his life. He’d been working on him for months and Freddie sucked it all up like a sponge. Cordy grinned to himself. Humans were so easy to distract and lead into darkness. Money, champagne, a little bit of power and they were putty in your hands. Of course as the seventh prince of hell, Cordy had more than enough of all of that to go round.He turned his attention back to the blonde on the floor, pulling her hair to lift her head, holding it just far enough from him to fuck her mouth with long hard strokes. He heard her gag and slowed a little.

He didn’t want to be unpleasant, he needed them willing. Her fingers slipped underneath his cock, beautifully manicured nails grazing his balls, the red of her nails contrasting starkly against the pale skin of his groin. He pushed against her urging her onwards as her fingers found the sensitive spot between his ass and his cock.His concentration slipped momentarily as she slipped a finger up his ass and she pulled her mouth off his dick her lips smacking together. “Don’t you want to actually fuck me,” she pouted, “I’ve had my pussy tightened, it’s like a virgin’s.”Cordy laughed, shoving her back onto his cock and holding her hea.

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