Hot lubes and enhancers

The Sh! girlz are very thrilled about the new goodies weve been getting lately! Luxurious massage candles, hot lubes and enhancers, and fun card games are just some of the gorgeous goodies that are new in store and on the website. Available in Black Pepper and Pomagranate, Snow Pear and Cedarwood, and the yummy vanilla and Creme de cacao, (this Sh! Girls fave it smells just like a White Russian coctail!) Lelo Massage candles are an .

sewives.It turns out,Bree Van de Kamp's enterprising daughter Danielle was creating sex swings at home (though Bree was under the impression it was some sort of exercise equipment).ut forget the antics on Wisteria Lane, it's what's going on in bedrooms up and down Britain that's really got everyone at my blog in a spin..ince the epsiode aired last .

anced Study of Human Sexuality. She has also trained in the Hakomi method of body-centered counseling at the Hakomi Institute of California. The combination of Clinical Sexology and the Hakomi method enable Dr.Cooper to effectively and compassionately address a range of sexuality and relationship issues.

Lelo Massage Candle: Snow Pear and CedarwoodLelo Massage CandleLelo Massage Candles, in three yummy varieties, are an ultra-luxurious treat! Light the scented candle and let the gorgeous perfume infuse the roomextinguish the flame and pour the warm massage oil onto your lovers skinend enjoy!


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