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New York, NY (December 1, 2011) Today is World AIDS Day, a time to recognize those who live with HIV, to honor those whove died, and to come together in the fight against HIV/AIDS. This year’s theme is Getting to Zero: Zero New HIV Infections. Zero Discrimination and Zero AIDS Related Deaths. In order to get ben wa balls , all of the tools in our prevention and care toolbox must be fully deployed. In the face of fiscal austerity, we must be clear that now is not the time to cut back on essential services.


A major study released this year taught us that early initiation of treatment not only improves health outcomes for individuals living with HIV, but also that it reduces transmission by almost 100 percent. But these outcomes depend on consistent care and treatment. Many barriers make this challenging to achieve, but poverty is elemental in the disruption of care and treatment.

Poverty and its manifestations are essentially destabilizing, with very real consequences for the health of a person living with HIV. Poor people are more likely to experience homelessness and food insecurity. Homeless or marginally sexy women housed individuals are more likely to delay treatment, less likely to have regular access to care, less likely to receive optimal drug therapy, and less likely to adhere to their medication than are stably house.

il record can indeed be used to infer sexual selection.

We see much evidence from the fossil record suggesting that sexual selection played a major role in the evolution of many extinct groups, says Dr Naish, of the University's Vertebrate Palaeontology Research Group.

Using observations of modern animal behaviour we can draw analogies with extinct animals and infer how certain features improve success during courtship and breeding.

Modern examples of sexual selection, where species have evolved certain behaviours or ornamentation that repel rivals and attract members of the opposite sex, include the male peacock's display of feathers, and the male moose's antlers for use in clashes during mating season.


Dr Naish and co-authors state that the fossil record holds many clues that point to the existence of sexual selection in extinct species, for example weaponry for fighting, bone fractures from duels, and ornamentation for display, such as fan-shaped crests on dinosaurs..

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