multi-speed vibrations add some extra oomph

The future of sex toys is here, and it's charging in a Starbucks near you!Introducing the brand new my blog Flash USB Rechargeable Mini Vibrator 26.99. Sleek, petite and discreet, this powerful mini vibrator is whisper-quiet and looks uncannily like a memory stick, making it arguably the most discreet pleasure product on the market.

Unlike many other USB chargeable vibrators, the intimate stimulating tip of the Flash is removed during charging and can be kept somewhere clean and safe whilst the motor is charged via a computer or USB mains charger in a much less 'obvious' charging method.Take a look at a Flash we plugged into a my blog Mac earlier today (pictured, left). Now imagine it's plugged into a commuter's laptop as they take the crowded morning train to work, or as they complete a report in a busy cafe.

Would you have any idea that this tiny black rectangle holds within its powerful motor three hours' worth of intense orgasm potential?Neither would we!We know from experience that bullet vibrators are best-sellers, as they're small enough to carry with you wherever yo.

ng, multi-speed vibrations add some extra oomph. The Slimline G can be used clitorally as well, and its length is ideal for reaching the clit during a variety of positions.Jimmyjane Afterglow Candle, GingersnapThis candle will get you into the holiday spirit and the sexy spirit at the same time.

Jimmyjanes Afterglow Candles are known for smelling absolutely amazing, but thats not all ?the wax doubles as a massage oil! The rim of the candle is shaped perfectly for pouring the warm oil onto the skin. One gingersnap massage, coming right up!The Cookie Sutra, Adult Mad Libs, and?SextrologyIt was hard for us to choose just a few book-type items to recommend, but we narrowed it down to three.?The Cookie Sutra?is full of photographs of gingerbread cookies going at it what else do you need to know? Adult Mad Libs?are always a riot, and theres even a festive Santa Baby version for your fill-in-the-blank amusement. Sextrology?features entertaining examinations of the zodiacs 24 gender signs; the authors even compare the compatibility of specific couplings. How fun!Flexi FelixFlexi Felix is a superb set of 100% silicone anal beads which are a ton of fun all on their own. But look at that face!

Cant you imagine this little fellow peeking out of a stocking? And the look on your partners face as the beads are revealed one by one? It would be an adorable sign of things to come.Olivias Lucky Ladies Playing CardsIf you know any card game fiends, we recommend this sexy deck of official regulation-size playing cards.

These cards feature 52 different paintings of the irreplaceable Bettie Page. Feast your eyes on Bettie Page posing in a variety of alluring outfits and positions then, try to get your head back in the game!Silky Tie-UpsThe?possibilities?are endless with this luxurious yet affordable pair of 5-foot, 100% polyester sashes. Tie one around your lovers head to blindfo.

check out the great reductions on butt plugs, blindfolds, and some gorgeous vibes!Plus weve got lots of gorgeous new goodies and more special offers listed here!Thats what wed call a birthday treat :)Share|.


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